Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New garage doors

Not the most fascinating topic, I know, but today we're having new garage doors installed. We're using the Overhead Door Corporation, and so far we are not pleased. They were supposed to do it last Wednesday, so me and Michele took the day off and my dad came up, so we could do some work on the house while they did the doors. Well, they called that morning to say the doors hadn't arrived at the warehouse and they couldn't do it that day. We had scheduled it almost a month prior! So Michele wasted a day off. We must get a better deal because they messed up, right? Wrong. Not even a measly $50 to show that they were sorry and were acting in good faith.

Then I have to call them repeatedly just to talk to the installation guy, who never calls me back. We didn't know they were coming today until he called me at 7:45am, while we're on the train.

Anyway, we have the webcam set up to watch the installation. Check it out.


Melinda said...

Glad you're blogging again!

garage doors said...

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