Wednesday, December 17, 2008


With our new Verizon service we have free DVR and premium channels for a short period. DVR is pretty neat, I'm a big fan of pausing the TV. One thing that surprised me though is that when you set it up to record a certain show at a certain time, it simply records whatever is on the channel at that time, regardless of whether the show you want is on. For example, we set it to record the Survivor finale on Sunday night, but it was delayed 30 minutes by football. I thought the DVR would adjust and start recording when Survivor started, but it just turned on at 8 and recorded until 10. We did catch the end of Survivor, since we also recorded the reunion show. DVR is cool, but we don't really watch enough TV to justify the expense.

We've checked out some movies on the premium channels. Michael Clayton (good), The Simpsons (not funny), Talladega Nights (sometimes funny), Edward Scissorhands (better than I remember).

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Coodence said...

You can set your DVR to go over the allotted time. Cuz football always screws up Sunday night programming, so we set it to start at the right time, but then record an hour over. It goes by whatever your channel guide says, so if the channel guide thinks it will start on time, that's what it does. On the other hand, it knew Survivor was on Sunday w/o you telling it that and that's nice too.