Thursday, May 14, 2009

Graduation rain

It's graduation day for the rest of the university (mine's next Thursday), so of course it's raining. Nothing worse than rain on your graduation day—slogging through the rain in your gown, taking pictures inside instead of out in the spring sun, family members getting drenched.

I remember my undergrad graduation day, it was absolutely pouring. My poor parents got soaked waiting outside for me after the ceremony, then everyone skuttled over to the student center for the reception and pictures. On the other hand, my grad school graduation was a perfect day in Washington Square Park in NYC. Wonder what my third (and FINAL) graduation will be like?

In other news, one of my favorite bands, Testament, will be in town in May 27 for a show, so we're checking that out. Along with Metallica and Megadeth (and many others) they were one of the originators of the Bay Area Thrash sound in the 80s. They're still going strong more than twenty years later.


Michele said...

I predict a sunny graduation!

Marilyn said...

Gee, too bad we won't still be in town for that concert!

Michele said...