Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Like Michele said, our two hand-me-down lawnmowers have fallen on hard times. One cuts really badly, so you have to basically go over everything twice. It also stops randomly. The other one is really hard to start and then conks out after ten minutes or so.

These are probably fixable problems, but we're kind of sick of dealing with this stuff so we just bought a new one instead. It's a Lawn Boy (made by Toro), and has really good reviews. All I really want is for it to work consistently and to be dependable. It better last for a good ten years, minimum. To make sure that happens, I'll be taking good care of this puppy.

The tulips that Michele and her parents planted in the front garden have really taken off. We're also growing sunflowers, but they're just tiny little guys right now. Also have some beans, peas, tomatoes, and parsley on the way.


Michele said...

and dill.

Marilyn said...

You've been getting lots of rain. I hope your lawn dries up soon so you can try the new mower.